Interactive Playground

At DisruptED, we believe in the adage that “life is too important to be taken seriously”.  This is why we have embedded the Interactive Playground right into the core of the conference on the future of work. It’s been proven, through dozens of validated research projects, that weaving play into your work day reduces stress, boosts productivity and improves creativity. Play is so important to our everyday lives, that it has been shown to measurably improve our health!

So come and explore the latest technological innovations and play with some of the tools that will become invaluable resources for us in the future. We have over a dozen organizations at DisruptED who are happy to share what’s new, what’s cool, and what’s just plain awesome in a setting that welcomes questions and experimentation.


WISE KE logo Explore a variety of fun tech toys like Ozobots, Cues, Cozmos, Lego Mindstorms, 3D printers, and much more!
DW Logo 2018 (1) Watch for our graphical scribe during keynote sessions! Come try your hand at digital scribing using AutoDesk!
otto_logo(600) Be one of the first to experience microlearning through our Wine 101 mobile application!
rrc-left-stacked What are Qubits? Come discover how they make quantum computers more powerful than classical machines!
Compugen blue logo (005)




Come see HP Spout to amplify project-based learning. Teachers receive short burst Professional Development opportunities using Microsoft applications!
UW logo (recent)




Immerse yourself in “The Refugee Crisis” – a powerful virtual 3-dimensional experience that you will never forget!
RBC_FutureLaunch_pmsPE_V3_no_line-300x74 Come explore the RBC Future Launch Hub including our Upskill tool and Humans Wanted report on our iPads!
RRU Logo_4C_Vert_pos What are students doing to change the future of work? Come interact with our research from the School of Education & Technology!
Microsoft-Logo Come participate in build challenges within the Minecraft: Education Edition, then bring your  creations to life in Augmented Reality!
Maven_logo Find out what ICTAM’s been doing to promote gender parity and make exclusive Maven buttons.
Dell EMC v.2  Come experience Dell’s innovative line-up of their latest technology and solutions.
bsdLogo  Come see our room-scale VR system and a 360-degree training app called ‘Power Engineering’ with mobile VR headset.
David Alpin Group IT Visit our LinkedIn photobooth to get your free professional headshot for your LinkedIn profile between 3-5pm on January 31st. Resume tips provided by Ron Cantiveros, Information Technology consultant with David Aplin Group.
Skip-The-Dishes Come discover the technical workflows for our great Courier, Restaurant and Customer apps!
BM-logo  We’ll show the basics of NFC technologies through a voting game where attendees can tap their badges and vote for their favorite comic book character.