Tony Chapman, Conference Host

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Inducted into the Marketing Hall of Legends, Tony Chapman spent three decades creating two internationally renowned advertising agencies and a research firm. Our host is the subject of four documentaries and has inspired audiences in China, Spain, Brazil, Mexico, and North America. Come see a true master at work as he helps you get the most out of this year’s conference.  





At Disrupted, you and your team have the opportunity to hear from speakers who have considerably influenced and disrupted the corporate tech landscape. Whether you represent your workplace, or you’re attending with the whole staff, attending Disrupted is an incredible way to shake up the way you operate, act, and think at the office.

Dr. Ann Cavoukian: Privacy by Design

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One of the world’s leading and award-winning privacy experts, Dr. Ann Cavoukian believes privacy isn’t about hiding anything; it’s about taking charge of your personal information. If you want the strongest protection possible (and don’t we all?), don’t miss her talk.

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Valerie Chort: Creating Value for Stakeholders  

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A corporate citizenship expert who implements integrated strategies that align with business objectives, Valerie Chort helps create and protect social and environmental value for employees, clients, and shareholders alike. Hear her tell you how initiatives like these will impact the future of work.

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Heather Russek: Pushing the Boundaries of Policy Making

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An Author & Director at the Brookfield Institute for Innovation + Entrepreneurship (BII+E), Heather is a strategist and designer pushing the boundaries of policymaking. She experiments with innovation research methods at BII+E, including human-centered design, futures, and art-based practices.

Jessica Thornton: Advancing Innovation Policy

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Jessica is a creative problem solver who uses human-centered design, strategic foresight, and design research methods to advance innovation policy at BII+E. Currently, she is responsible for leading several major projects, including Employment in 2030 and Digitally Lit.

Bruce Linton: The Highs and Lows of Leadership

Former CEO and founder of Canopy Growth Corp., Bruce Linton is busy reimaging the cannabis industry from the inside out. After creating a multibillion-dollar company where everyone from the PhDs to the cleaners earned equity while boosting small-town economics, Linton is ready to share his unique insights on how you can thrive within disruptive industries.

David Usher:                                               Reimagine AI

David Usher doesn’t just talk about creativity and artificial intelligence (AI); he lives it. Lead singer of Moist and founder of Reimagine AI, Usher will tell you why creativity and innovation are the only way forward and every organization’s best competitive advantage. Come see why he’s convinced creative success is a learnable skill everyone can master.

Darrell Reimer: Ethics and AI

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Darrell has 20+ years of experience driving innovation in technology, working across research, product delivery and client engagements. Currently Darrell is a Distinguished Engineer in IBM’s AI Engineering Research division focusing on what it takes to bring AI into business critical systems while minimizing any risk involved. In addition to his research role, Darrell commonly bridges the worlds of academic research and applied technologies for clients.